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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Thank you Bob Chianese for those very kind words relating to this blog; thank you Eleanor Guear for forwarding it to me. I am truly humbled. One may naturally wonder why I spend so much time posting these items of local interest. There is a personal method to my madness. I have begun this massive project with the expectation that as technology advances, the upcoming generations are going to look for those very things that I, and I dare say most of my visitors look for: connections to our younger years, connections to long lost relatives, friends, and other similar motives. I truly regret that I never took the time to ask my mom and dad about their young years. I had to get it from older relatives, and unfortunately the gleanings were quite trivial. Imagine if you will, the digital material on this blog surviving into the distant future. Perhaps it won't be on a 21st century " blog," but I am sure future technology will find a way to deliver this material to future generations. Most visitors to this blog share my enthusiasm. Thanks to folks like Bob Chianese, Eleanor Goldy, Ralph Lucarella, your own Cathy Csorgo and other contributors, we are logging local history one page at a time. So there you have it. I envision my grandchildren (who are currently too busy growing up), my great grandchildren, and future generations, to seek out sites such as this in order to get an idea of what it was like living in this wonderful area those many years ago. The goal of this blog is, and will remain to answer those 5 journalistic questions, WHO? WHAT" WHEN" WHERE" and WHY?

Oh, one more thing: I just noticed that Eileen DeSantis is in the class of '60.
Eileen is a dear friend who was part of our wonderful music group, "Wings of Song" at St. Anthony parish. Please pass on my best and ask one of the guys to give her a big hug and kiss for me!

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