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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thanks to Mr. Ed Kiernan, TCBHS '55 for a collection of memorabilia from the late, great, "Golden Wave." I see my friends from my St. Anthony years, Nick Gregorio and Jack Kiernan from that class, also Andy Rabel, who may have been the same Andy Rabel who was my TV director for my "In Focus" TV show that was on TKR cable many years ago.


SJBill said...

Going to public schools was really liek being a part of a parallel universe.

Without checking a Bobashela, I belive Francis Schwing became a history or social studies teacher at THS in the 60s.

Mr. Schwing was a no-nonsense teacher. He got us all doscounted subscriptions to the New York Times and then and taught us how to read it and be critical of its contents.

Valuable skills! Especially since the NYT has descended a bit in it's jounalistic and editorial quality. ;-)

Beth Walton said...

I was really hoping the picture of the class of 1955 would show up, but it's just an exclamation point? My dad was in that class, and died when I was young. We have very, very few pictures of him. Any idea where i can get a copy of the 1955 yearbook links to any pictures? Thanks!

Beth Walton