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Monday, April 05, 2010


These were the golden years of Hamilton, before the financial crunch arrived some 15 or so years later. Mayor Jack Rafferty had planned big things for the newly acquired local treasure. "Mansions in May," "Sunday concerts with professional musicians, uniformed security personnel to assure that parking laws were enforced, active promotion of the newly acquired Victorian farm, and re-activation and maintenance of the classic twin "Simplex Acme" 35 millimeter movie projectors. Indeed, my brother Bud and my best buddy Don Slabicki made sure that the units were kept well lubricated and in running condition. Early in the Kuser Farm Park years, I assisted Don as we ran "The Kuser Story" for the public; a production of a 20th Century Fox Crew. The acquisition of Sayen Gardens took much of the lustrous charm away from Kuser Farm. Long gone are the weekly weddings that were performed at the Kuser gazebo during the warm weather.

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