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Thursday, April 08, 2010


"WBUD, fourteen ninety on your dial, Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Good evening sports fans, this is Bus Saidt with Bill Hildenbrand bringing you tonights game from Dunn field between the Hagerstown Owls and our own Trenton Giants.....brought to you again tonight by Stan Coney Rebuilt Engines, Morrisville. Tonight Don Robertson goes for his 12th wind in this 1951 season of Interstate League Baseball...."

How well I remember those hot summer nights before air conditioning as I listened to my favorite hometown baseball team play their interstate rivals: The Lancaster Red Roses, York White Roses, Sunbury Reds, Allentown Cardinals, Hagerstown Owls, and our arch enemies, the Wilmington Blue Rocks. My heroes were Maurice "Mo" Cunningham and Wilbur Jackson. My favorite pitcher was "bespectacled" Don Robertson. I remember Paul LaPalme, Pete Pavlik, and a very young and talented Willie Mays.....those were the days!

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Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom: I recall there was a problem with Willie Mays reporting to the team. He may have been coming right out of high school or some other minor team. But he did show up and made a very good impression. They were happy days.