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Thursday, April 08, 2010


On April 24, 2010, my dear wife Judy Britton Glover and I will celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary. During these many years we look back on the three "children" who are now grown adults, and 9 grandchildren who are rightly spoiled by "grampys" and "grammy." As card-carrying members of that fabled "wrinkle city," Judy and I look back on those years with pleasant and sometimes bittersweet memories. The sages tell us that as we get older, we treasure the memories of our youth. The sages are correct. Despite our wrinkles (all of which we seniors earned) and my over-abundant waist line, despite the fact that Judy and I, like everyone else have experienced our share of strife during these 56 years, the bottom line is that our marriage was truly made in heaven. "The Beach Party" is one of my favorite columns out of all the hundreds I have written over the years.


Tom Reed said...

Happy belated Anniversity

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Judy & Tom! and many more!

Lakeside Girl