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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

1882: John Wayman's CHAMBERSBURG STAGE

Most of the present generation think of the American-Italian experience when the subject of Chambersburg is brought up. That's quite understandable, considering the incredible impact the Italian immigrants had on that area of Trenton when they began immigrating from mother Italy. However, preceding the influx of Italian families to Chambersburg was a whole interesting tapestry of historic lore surrounding the evolution of Robert Chambers' Chambersburg. The above article I wrote in the Trenton Times 23 years ago sheds some interesting light on the Chambersburg of today. The article takes us back to the era of the Quinton Race course, cornfields, apple orchards and a community in the early years of development.


Mack said...

Hi Tom:)
A great story and interesting.
Immacuate once a Baseball Field?
Horse Races on Quinton Avenue?
I never knew either of these

Anonymous said...

Tom - It seems Chambersburg has a long history of providing a place for the most recent immigrants to settle. My Mother came over from Austria in the early 1900's and the Burg was mostly Germans/Austrians and Immaculate Church has their masses in German. Some German names can still be found in places of business there. The melting pot began here and in several other places in Trenton
Lakeside Girl

Tom Glover said...

Lakeside Girl, you are completely right, The early burg shows a proliferation of German-Anericans as well as Anglo Saxons.

Mike: The race track on what is now Villa Park was known as the Quintin Equestrian Park. Note that today's QuintOn Avenue opted to overlook Mr. Quintin's real name.