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Monday, October 02, 2017


This rare wall map recently came into my possession and I immediately placed in the Hamilton Township Public Library's. Local History Collection. It is a very rare wall map and wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't in one of Hamilton's one room schools back the the 1800's. My speculation is based on the long and loyal contributions of my dear friend the late Georgiana Phillips Smith as a long time teacher in the Hamilton School system and her incredible record as a charter member of the Hamilton Township Historical Society. You will note that I added a comment in the gray open space on the map. Were you able to see the complete map, you would see the two farms of David  S.Quintin and Samuel K. Wilson whose combined land holding occupy the entire Villa Park area over as far as Chambers Street which is shown on the map (not in this scan). A lonely corner plot on this map is shown on the corner and marked: "Chapel and St. Francis Hospital." FASCINATING and very interesting view of Villa Park before it was laid out in 1899!

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