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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1944: RC. Maxwell's Trenton State and Warren Streets

These will be the final R.C. Maxwell graphics that I will be posting on Facebook, I am going to post these R.C. Maxwell Trenton area photos exclusively here on the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Website, abiding by the procedure set by the Duke Archive Librarian. Back when I requested the proper way to display their credits in order to obey the copyright rules of "Fair Use" as told to me by the Librarian, who indicated on his return email to me that there was a definite "uptick" in downloads from a number of other local sources, and indeed there was. Due to Facebook graphic size limits does not allow for large over 100 dots per inch graphics.  Using software that can enhance these exquisite photos and allow them to be displayed in screen filling size provides future generations of historians and scholars to get dramatic visual views of the way we lived in the area in years gone by. The aforementioned "uptick" as imparted to me in that email resulted in at least two of Maxwell photos (and probably more) that were posted with no accreditation at all and I want to be sure that I abide by the "Fair Use" doctrine.. I am in the process of trying to find any and all of my few very early posts so they can be properly credited.

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