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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


 The above Duke University R.C. Maxwell Trenton collection is a cut and past of a circa 1923 view of State and Broad as it looked back in the 1920's. This mansard roof edifice was built back in 1837 at the intersection that was then known as Greene and Second Street.
Few people realize that the building came into the possession of Anthony R. and John L. Kuser who ultimately sold it to Benjamin Lissner whose family owned another store in the area. I am looking for the transition from the time the Lissner brothers purchased the building and how it ultimately became the legendary "Yard's" Department Store. 


SJBill said...

That corner was the BEST corner from which to sell American Legion Poppies on Poppy Day. Filled up the can with coins in no time.

Yards Department Store? Didn't like much it as a kid. All the lingerie stands were an embarrassment.

David Fox said...

My grandmother used to take my sister and I to Yards for lunch. There was a Paris themed restaurant on an upper floor that served cheeseburger deluxe platters. I believe the store's slogan was something like, "They do sell nice things at Yards."