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Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Here's a beautiful photo of South Warren Street highlighting the legendary "Casa Lido" along with Capitol Motor before it moved to Sourth Broad Street in that ultra modern circular showroom. This photo is posted so that those who want to see the photo in full screen. 1) left click the photo, 2) Right click "VIEW IMAGE," 3) If (IF) the "+" appears, click again and you will have the maximum magnification. On my little 17 inch laptop, it fills my screen and I am on South Warren Street, 1938.
NOTE ALSO THAT THERE IS A "NO COMMENTS" at the bottom of the screen. I need and welcome your comments. Please click on that link ant speak up!

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SJBill said...

If I recall correctly, S. Warren St. went all the way down to meet Bridge and Ferry Streets? There was a host of businesses in the area, all displaced by "urban renewal," after the great flood.