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Saturday, June 24, 2017


This graphic is much too large to give a closeup, but I sure did try. Here's an attempt to segment and enlarge.


SJBill said...

Nice images, Tom,

Looks like the pics were taken from the top of the Battle Monument.
There are a few recognizable structures.
The row homes in the top picture remain to this day, but it looks as though two in the middle were lost some time during the structure.
Also, you can see the old coal gas holding tanks out by New York Ave.
J.A. Roeblings & Sons appeared to foul the air more than anyone.
The bell towers of Sacred Heart Church on Broad Street can be seen. Saint Mary's Cathedral was a beautiful structure. And, you can barely make out the State House over by the river. Was the power plant in the bottom picture used for the Reading Line?

Skies were certainly smoky those days.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Tom. I can see E.L.Kerns Co and Stein's Beef in the 3rd and 4th frames. Trenton certainly was full of pollution in those days, no wonder folks needed to get out of the city when they could. Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...

Tom - And in the first frame was Trenton Grain & Hay Co. Fascinating photo. Lakeside Girl

rithkhmer said...

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