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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


As I enter my 23rd year as the Hamilton Local History archivist, you probably noticed that this site has been lacking in new posts over the past year or so. Let me explain. After years of coping with space problems, Interim Director Scott Chianese gave the green light to our ever talented Harry Meeks to construct shelving to accommodate the ever growing inventory of yet-to-be catalogued and digitized historical material. My workshop was overflowing with LARGE full cardboard boxes of donations, boxes from my personal collection, and other space stealing objects. It was a shameful scene that one would see if a grenade were lopped into the room. Now all of that has changed and thanks to those aforementioned problem solvers, I am able to breathe again and resume this website which will soon realize 1 million visits. Thank you for your indulgence and as we move forward, let me her from you via the "Comments" feature of this site.

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