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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


 Above photo is from "TRENTON ILLUSTRATED;" an 1891 folio of exquisite engravings showing the city of Trenton in that era. Below is a postal card from the TRENTONIANA collection at the Trenton Free Public Library and digitized by Mr. Tom Tighue.
It is difficult in this year of 2016 to envision that neighborhood which bordered an area known ad "Berryville." It was also in the Cadwalader, Hiltonia, Berkeley Street area where our more affluent Trentonians resided.

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Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: So nice to see photos of our family church. My parents, Russ and Sarah (Hutchinson) Logan were married there, I was baptized there, attended Sunday School, sang in the choir and later, taught Sunday school there. We would park on Spring Street but just as often walked from our home in West Trenton. It was a beautiful building and will always be dear to me. Thank you for the wonderful photos. As always, Tom, thanks so much for the memories of my beloved home town.