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Monday, July 18, 2016


What an historic treasure! Here's the original "DAILY TRUE AMERICAN" engraving of the new Trenton High School which was to replace the old Mercer Street Trenton High School. As you can see by my re-formatted graphic, the old newspaper page has been resurrected, brightened up, color added and is now a qualifying digital piece of Trenton area history! This building was on the corner of Hamilton and Chestnut Avenue, and as can be seen in the True American engraving, was an architectural gem. Can you even begin to imagine walking the halls in that splendidly beautiful building? Can you imagine how great it would have been to save that splendid beautiful building? Dream on! The original page is shown below and you will agree that it was impossible to fit this within the boundaries of the computer screen. It is also my goal to make these historic graphics as appealing to the eye as possible. Here is the article and graphic before formatting:


Anonymous said...

Tom - Thanks for all of your hard work creating these pages for us - A treasure!
Lakeside Girl

Tom Glover said...

You're very welcome, Eleanor. It's folks like you who make all the effort worthwhile. XO

rithkhmer said...

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