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Thursday, April 21, 2016


I need an expert on Yardville as well as an interpreter for this mysterious but FASCINATIN photo of what they are calling the "Mill Race." My source of confusion revolves around the numerous other views I have seen of this particular vantage point: the old Lawrie's Mill, Gropp's Lake, Etc. Will anyone be able to tell me what that building with the widow's watch is, also is that bridge railing and the narrow raodway South Broad Street? I have seen many versions of this particular view, but this one is really clear and perhaps someone can tell me if we are looking SOUTH or NORTH, (ELEANOR G.? GEORGE G.? GARY L.? CLAIRE Z,? Any ideas on this confusing graphic?


Anonymous said...

Tom - Someone will correct me if I'm wrong I'm sure, but I'm almost positive it's the old Groveville Mill, now gone, near the intersection of Rt. 156 and Church Street looking to the north. There was a painting of this in the Abbott House at one time displayed in the parlor. Lakeside Girl

SJBill said...

Garry Lippincott posted near the same image (colorized and a bit cropped) back in 2007 with the post titles "Grist Mill on Church Street".

Quoting Gary: This view is as if you were standing on the side of the creek between the Bridge and the dam on the Groveville side, looking down Church Street toward Yardville.

Anonymous said...

Tom - The Yardville Hotel can be seen in the background in the center. Great photo.
Lakeside Girl

SJBill said...

Best guess is hat the image is the crossing of Doctor's Creek and Church Street. The site is between the current Rte 130 and Zachary Lane. According to Gary (, the dam failed in the 1940s. He provides great detail as to the owners and mills involved.

One familiar name, Thomas Glover, was a commenter of the above post.

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