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Friday, April 15, 2016


Life is beautiful! Wake up and smell the roses! I have written hundreds of columns during my 32 years of freelance journalism. Some of my favorite columns tell of "all the girls I loved before" starting with my first true pupply love at age 10, Mary Lou Saxton; my next door neighbor who broke my heart when she moved to California. My early years of courting Judy Britton; the lovely girl who would end up being my dear wife for 62 years. My years at Kuser School and Hamilton High School before it became "West-Watson," and my musical attraction from singing in a boys' barbershop quartet and another octet, school choir, and singing around the Glover Gulbranson upright piano in our Hartley Avenue home. One of the God given and too often ignored by our hustle and bustle to raise a family and earn a living lies in the beauty of nature. The column I wrote and repeated a number of times for succeeding generations is reproduced below. If you haven't taken the time to take Robert Frost's "Road Less Traveled," try a woodland walk. It will go a long way to increasing your longevity and well being.

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