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Monday, April 04, 2016


Thank you, Former Mayors Jack Rafferty and Glen Gilmore for your respective roles in helping me to form a "HAMILTONIA" collection similar (but different in that it is based on digital technology) from the legendary "TRENTONIANA" collection in the Trenton Free Public Library. Jack, you will recall that back in the late 1980's or early 1990's it was you, Mo Rossi and Joe Bellina who accepted my proposal to form an historical collection for future generations similar to the aforementioned "TRENTONIANA" collection with the added feature of a digital database with 59 gigabytes of old photos, news articles, etc. And Glen Gilmore, even though your letter dates back to the year 2004, it added credibility to my ongoing local history project. The year 2016 marks my 25th year of building this "HAMILTONIA" digital local history collection and the accompanying the Hamilton Library's "Tom Glover's Local History" web site will soon reach 1 million visitors who come back frequently to view additional material. I like to think we are ready for any future advancements in digital technology after I retire at age 103 or so! (Lord willing!)

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