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Tuesday, March 08, 2016


As a boy of 9 back in 1942, it was a somewhat frightening thing when the area defense officials decided to perform area wide practice air raids. Japan had recently bombed Pearl Harbor, Hitler's Luftwaffe was bringing all kinds of fear to London and other British cities, and we all wondered if the dreaded Nazi air force would be able to penetrate our shores. I remember blackouts quite well. In our neighborhood the Colonial Volunteer Fire Co. was an integral part of the air raid practice runs. Their familiar siren was sort of frightening when the air raid warning siren sounded. All lights in every home were to be extinguished, shades drawn, and in our house, the radio was on and an "air raid" low wattage glowing blue light gave off a ghostly glow. The Air Raid Warden took to the neighborhood streets looking for leaking lights from careless home owners, and also flagged down moving autos who had to turn off their headlights. I remember it well. My father and older brother were both Air Raid Wardens as were MANY are citizens from that era.

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