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Monday, January 04, 2016


Most presenters use Microsoft's "POWERPOINT" to compile an on screen presentation. Many years ago, indeed in the very early years of Windows 3.1.
I responded to an ad from a company called "Gold Disk" who were trumpeting a revolutionary digital slide show that had incredible transitions, animation, and other features. It was a program known as ASTOUND! and i have been using it over all these years due to the fact that I have become so familiar with the program. Below is one of the "slides" from my program, "COMPUTERS AND LOCAL HISTORY: PERFECT TOGETHER!" After years of trying to get pristine copies of microfilm on the library printer I found that all I got was neck pain from moving my head up and down as that microfilm slide I sought was sliding through the gate of the projector and sometimes etching the microfilm with vertical scratches. Voila! Along came the digital scanner and with the 100 - plus year collection local Trenton newspapers reposing in my garage for over 20 years, my collection is now part ot the Hamilton Library's local history collection; not for public use, but for future Tom Glover successors who will continue the digitization process through the millions of pages in those Trenton Times, Trenton State Gazette and Daily True American copies in the collection.

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