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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


"WIKIPEDIA defines progress: Evolutionary progress, the idea that there is a largest-scale trend in evolution of organisms and that the trend is toward improvement or adaptation to changing environmental conditions"

How ironic! Years ago, I recall a story where a member of a Cranbury area of New Jersey complained to the authorities that a farmer was doing what farmers had done for centuries: tilling and fertilizing his land for the new crop. The neighbor complained that the process was raising dust and complained to the aforementioned authorities. I don't know how it turned out, but I would bet that the environmental agency or agencies sided with the newcomer who moved into an area that had been doing what farmers do for centuries. This it is with the graphic I have posted relating to the klate, lamented "Kuser Pond".
Mom Glover loved that pond and was not a cold weather lover. When she heard the ageless croak of frogs in the early spring, she knew that we were soon going to welcome another beautiful spring season. Back when the Lord created that area that I love so much, He decided to place a pond in a low lying area that was noted for a high sub-surface water level. Many homes in the area had damp and water problems in the basements; including the Glover family whose home Hartley Avenue house bordered Kuser Farm. Most of us in the neighborhood accepted that natural water level and opted to prefer the natural habitat that provided us with frogs (tadpoles), cat tails, lily pads, gorgeous Red Wing Blackbirds, countless bird species, and what we kids called "sewing bugs;" which were known by most as Dragonflies." So along comes a city bred newcomer to the neighborhood who complained to the township that mosquitoes, and their wet basement was being caused by Kuser's pond and demanded that it be drained. It was and when it was we lost one of the neighborhood natural wetlands that provided countless hours of fun in the winter for ice skating, and in the summer for us kids to catch tadpoles or float our flat bottom cement mixing vessel as we played pirate or some other wonderful childhood nautical endeavor. So the pond was drained, and don't you know, the basements in the home in which I grew up and others are still getting water and dampness. I think they call it a "high water plane;" not sure.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Tom,

Necrophilia grows as the development of biophilia is stunted. (E. Fromm)

The diminishing of the earth is our greatest threat and we do it to
ourselves. The beginning of Trenton's diminishment was the destruction
of the historic and beautiful Trenton Water Power Canal and turning it
into a poorly built, dangerous and polluting freeway. The process
continues. We must love and honor the earth (Gaia) for it is holy.


The Professor

Anonymous said...

Tom, How about some fun photos of skating on Gropp's Lake at Lakeside? It certainly is the time of year for this!
Lakeside Girl