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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I found this map in an old scrapbook that has been reposing quietly in the many, many historical photos, articles and digitized documents I have yet to uncover and categorize. I find this to be an incredible artifact as it shows many very historic "Burg" persons, places and things.


SJBill said...

Not sure this map is very old and it may have been a part of a program naming folks that donated funds. Before the Columbus statue dedication, the park was know as Chestnut Park and wasn't the name changed in the late 50s or early 60s (of course, we still call it The Deafies)?

Chambersburg "Mall"? That term came into being fairly recently, I think the first one in NJ being the Cherry Hill Mall, which opened in the 60s, and Roebling's was still in operation at that time.

I do enjoy the informal names of some of the establishments as speakeasies. Was People's Bakery ever on Elmer Street? IIRC it was always at Butler at the corner of Bodine Alley around the corner from New Colonial Bakery.

Whatever the vintage, the map is great fun.

Don Whiteley said...

I recognize the streets on the map because
my mother lived at 505 Mott St. and my grandfather had a hardware store on the corner of Chestnut and Mott. That is not shown. His hardware store was later converted to a bar. My grandfather lost the hardware store in the mid-30s during the depression. Since neither the hardware store nor the bar are shown perhaps it is from a much earlier time.
Don Whiteley