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Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Here are a few of the graphics I have digitized from the "SEPTEMBER FEST" folder in the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection. The top graphic brings us then Mayor Jack Rafferty's ingeniously named "Seymore of Hamilton;" a beaver who delighted many a young child. Jack Rafferty was not only a great Hamilton Mayor, he also had some very progressive (as in progress, not political) ideas including the enhancement of former Hamilton Mayor Maury Perilli's "Hamilton Park" into "Veterans Park.) acquisition of Kuser Park, Sayen Gardens, the Kuser Park summer concerts which brought quality big name entertainers like Bob Smith's Lamplighters, Benny Snyder Orchestra, Dick Chime Polka band and many other quality programs that filled the gazebo area of Kuser Park with local citizens who loved nostalgic music in as bucolic Victorian setting. 

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