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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


"I'm gonna buy a paper doll that I can call my own,
A doll that other fellows cannot steal,
And then those flirty flirty guys with their flirty flirty eyes,
Will have to flirt with dollies that are real.
When I get home at night she'll be there waiting,
She'll be the truest doll in all the world,
I'd rather have a paper doll that I could call my own,
Than have a fickle minded real live girl"
Yeah, I've sung that one at a number of my music programs. As It was a hit back in the 1940's when the "Ink Spots" sang it back during the big band era, which just happens to be the era along with the 1950's that I prefer. There were no "wardrobe malfunctions" or "twerking teenagers" just singers of dreamy songs. The music had uplifting, wholesome and melodic character. Not that there weren't songs that were "borderline" insofar as social acceptability was concerned. I remember when Mom Glover heard that bawdy 1940's song, "Take it off, take it off cried the boys in the rear...." (Queenie the cutey of the burlesque show") She was sure the country was rapidly becoming Sodom and Gomorrah. As to the Etta Kett paper doll, I remember my sister had a collection of them and traded them with her friend Dolores Slabicki just like I traded many of my baseball and war cards.

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