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Friday, August 14, 2015


I am rapidly increasing my Hamilton Library Local History Collection of R.C. Maxwell photos of Trenton and the local area, following Duke University's instructions as to how to use them under the U.S. Copyright "Fair Use" law with credit and Duke Library call number on each each photo. Our first Hamilton Township Historical Society presentation in September (the Monday FOLLOWING Labor Day) will feature an on screen program using the library's huge movie scree to project these incredible photos in full screen size on the library's lenticular movie screen. The photos displayed here show only a portion of the originals  as I zeroed in on the corner of Front and So. Broad Street. (The tower of the Broad Street Methodist church can be seen at the far upper left of the photo.) also focusing on the White Horse Tavern in the accompanying Maxwell photo.


Lee Belardino said...

Yeah Tommy
Never made into the white horse tavern but did go to the tomato pie place next door. After operetta practice a few of us would visit that place. I If not there then to Scottys around the other side of the circle for a cherry coke.


Anonymous said...

Tom - In the photo of the White Horse Tavern, I love the billboard advertising "Swern & Co" in downtown Trenton!
Lakeside Girl