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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


 Above are three graphics relating to the upcoming 55th reunion of Hamilton High's class of 1960. Thanks to my Hamilton Historical Society colleague Eleanor Goldy Guear. I have tried to incorporate all the necessary information on the reunion into a single page but it was an impossible task. I had to break them down into separate pages as displayed above.

Below are images from another dear friend, Kathleen Csorgo Annaccarato who obviously treasured her years at the best high school in the United States of America. Kathy's dad was a fellow amateur radio and personal friend of mine.
 My favorite musical in the whole world! I would loved to have played the part of Billy Bigelow!
 Ann Peters was a Glover family friend who lived "up the hill" at 35 Hartley Avenue.
 I am indebted to the late Alice Wilhelm who gave me her complete collection of Hamilton High memorabilia from her years as one of the first faculty members of the school when it opened back in the 1930's.
 Below are 3 more keepsakes from Kathy and her obvious fondness for HHS '60

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Anonymous said...

Tom - Thanks so much for your terrific blog and all the info about our upcoming reunion! You outdid yourself this time. We have a close knit class and have enjoyed every reunion since our 5th. Thanks again for the publicity, especially the listing of folks that we cannot locate. You are a gem! Eleanor (Lakeside Girl)