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Thursday, August 27, 2015


I wrote this column way back in 1992. As I re-read it, I began to mentally think about all the moral decay and sheer decadence is overtaking America. In New York City, topless females are parading around demanding equal rights for women. "If men can go around with bare chests, why not women." Another male member of the porcine species was also completely nude in public  IN FRONT OF ANY CHILDREN WHO MAY BE TOURING THE CITY WITH MOMMY AND DADDY! Evil is rearing its ugly head. Put a "D" in front of that word and I would guess that's how the word "evil" was added to our English language. I am going to keep the column I wrote those many years ago and print it out on my tabloid printer and have a full size article to retreat to whenever I read, hear or see such  disgusting behavior which is being allowed to exist due to an increasingly permissive society. GOD IS WATCHING US!

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