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Friday, July 17, 2015


Ewing became very familiar to me back in the 1950's when I made my daily commute to 1812 North Olden Avenue in Ewing to what would ultimately be a dead end job at the old Trenton Bearings Company where I worked for over 40 years and didn't even get a thank you Timex watch. I remember patrolman Bellando of the Ewing police force, and after more then 60 years memories of Ewing will be with me always. Speaking of Ewing, do you remember Bill Blackwell's? The Pioneer? Jack and Bob's? The Glendale? Frank Ayre's Esso Station? Cook's Luncheonette on Parkway Avenue? Trenton Axle, Wheel and Brake? Lee's Pharmacy? Vernam's Dairy? Ryan's Dairy, The Ewing Drive In? Marty's Frozen Custard Stand? Moffatt Bearing Co.? Lanning School? Fisk School? Union Op? Breihler's? Biter's Transfer? The first MacDonald's in the area, on North Olden Avenue with burgers for 15 cents each? Mrs. G's? Electrolux? The Garden Supply Co. on Pennington Road, Wow! I'm impressed at how many I remember. Any other Ewing persons, places, and things, are very welcome for inclusion in this post.

Congrats on your well-deserved commendation from Hamilton Township!
I have to ask: I remember the name "Union Op," but have no recollection of what it was? Can you fill us in?
Many thanks.(As I recall, It was a primitive Walmart type store, Bill)
Here's another memory relating to that particular part of the world: remember the House of Hi-Fi?
Love your blog.
Bill Smith
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mack said...
I worked at Wendy's on North Olden.remember Seafood Shanty and Korvettes. My Dad had an office on Parkway near the High School (Appraisal
Exchange)..Lenny's Gas Station near that as was a Chinese Restaurant and the Pizza place across the street. Cousins lived on Heath Street I remember that hill and Deli Delite. I remember the bug spraying truck coming by in summer. As a kid from the Burg I never saw a bug truck before. I also remember the Halo Farms. I remember Dales on the circle too:)

From Noel Goeke
Just a few memories of Ewing I'd like to share.We bought our first living room set from Korvettes, 1 sofa, 2 chairs, 2 end tables and 2 lamps for $199. Breihlers had the best ice cream sundaes on earth and Lee's Pharmacy also had a lunch counter where we ate many suppers. I could go on about places in Ewing that we went to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
There was a small Tomato Pie place called Whitey's wedged into that slice of land on Olden just past Arctic Parkway and the pie was exceptional. In the early 60's across from Korvette's was the Blue Moon Diner and they built a hot dog eatery like McDonalds next to it called Franksville, that became Special Pizza City which is still there. Whitey had the best pie in that corner of Ewing
Ed Millerick
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sally Logan Gilman said...
Hi Tom: It's been six yesrs since my husband and I have been in Trenton. It was for the funeral of our dear friend Connie DeRemigis who lived in Ewing. You mention the new Parkway Diner -- is it new since we were there last? There was once a tomato pie place on Parkway, across from the diner.I can't remember the name. My family shopped on Olden Ave. and there were some great tomato pie places along there too. You see where my menories are centered. Regards
Monday, November 28, 2011

Michael said...
Here I am down south minding my p & Q's,when you come along again, and pique my memmory about No. Olden Ave!
EJ Korvettes arrived at what was to become Capitol Plaza, after Phil Leavitt bought the tract from the Pennsylvania Railroad. A little known real estate novice from South Trenton had put togeter a group of his buddies from the Trenton Elks lodge 105 consisting of Andy Caola, Bill Beitle, Jack Moran to compete with Leavitt for this former Pony farm. When everyone finished calling us crazy, the first real Shopping center came to fruition.
I played Soccer on that Vacant land, and the Vegotsky family had a stand on the corner of Princeton and Olden, across from Extenion Patio.
Union Op was located west of the Plaza, just past "Jay's Kiddierama".
I don't recall a "Parkway Diner" as Sally mentions, but the original Parkside Diner was run by Johnny Rasomovich and his family for many, many years. Across Olden Ave. was the Sherwood Inn, where Russ Radice and his band held court virutally every weekend of the 50's. Was Sally thinking of "Pizza City" across from Union Op, next to the railroad tracks?
It was near the metall fabicator ultimatey owned by Sid Sussman that became what is now Home Depot (?). How about Olden Paint & Carpet, Don Young's, Dollittle and
Allen furniture, Johnny Koslowski's fine furniture across the street. Remember Earl Cathcart's Ponitac dealiership at the corner of Olden and Artic?
House of Hi Fi, great guy owned it, was next to Coronet Appliance sales, just down from where Mrs. G relocated when the City bought her property "New Jersey Plumbing Supply" next ot Van Sciver's on South Broad St.
Now the coup de grace; Feeling poorly, and had to see a vascular surgeon down here. I asked the nurse where Dr. Piotrowski was fron since there were so many in the Trenton area. She replied "Pittsburg". When I met him, and asked about Pittsburg, he said Pittsburg, I grew up in Yardley, and spent most of my time with relatives in Ewing Township!
Turns out he worked at Carvel's for fifteen years with his cousins who lived just behind the AAMCO shop on the corner. Small world, getting smaller!
Leo Smolar was the first McDonald's franchisee on Olden ave, He was from Chicago, abd went on to control all of central NJ'golden arches. Olden Ave, cost him $25,000. for the exclusive rights.
Now the question: Was it "Alantic Mills" that was fitted into the old Industrial building Helen Bohme owned next to Frank Rasimovich's go go bar that u;timately burned down and was across Olden Ave. from Capitol Plaza? I know the answer lies within the reader's of this marvelous column.
Warm regards
Mike Kuzma
Monday, November 28, 2011

Anonymous said...
Back in the 1950's the intersection of Olden and Princeton centered around the Extension Fields of the local soccer clubs, they would be razed to make way for Capitol Plaza anchored by E. J. Korvettes and my our favorite ice cream place Costa Cottage, a laundromat and McCrory 5&10 and Sav-On Drugs.
Prior to all of that just before Capitol Motors on the corner of Arctic Parkway was Union Op which was a not so classy department store that mostly made it's money from the large arcade on the north end that was filled with pin-ball machines. You had to be careful because that was the hang out of the "hoodlums" with the "DA" haircuts and motor cycle boots that lived in the Donnelly Homes. The other corner of Princeton and Olden was Extension Patio followed by Reed Hardware and Mower shop, Extension Tavern, Bounceland trampolines and The 19'th Hole driving range. Two diners on Princeton Avenue (the original US1) were the places to eat Fritz's and the one that was razed for Gino's, The Uncle Sam Diner. Lang's Ski would later build a "swiss chalet" peak on the arcade plaza of the Union Op building and open for business. The moved down Olden and are still open as Lang's Ski & Scuba.
Ed Millerick
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anonymous said...
Sally, there was a small Tomato Pie place called Whitey's wedged into that slice of land on Olden just past Arctic Parkway and the pie was exceptional. In the early 60's across from Korvette's was the Blue Moon Diner and they built a hot dog eatery like McDonalds next to it called Franksville, that became Special Pizza City which is still there. Whitey had the best pie in that corner of Ewing
Ed Millerick
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sally Logan Gilman said...
Ed: Thank you so much for the info on Whitey's -- my friend Connie and I used to go there. It was on the right hand side just past Arctic Parkway like you said. We loved it there. Such yummy memories. It was great pie. Thanks again Ed for jogging my memory.
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anonymous said...
Wow! Some great memories of Ewing! I worked at The Glendale Inn and at Briehlers. When the Generals Quarters restaurant opened at Mercer County Airport I worked there for 12 years. Remembering most places spoke of here. Also remember The Parfait House. It's a shame that they tore down both the Parfait house(years ago) and the Glendale(about a year ago). Thanks for all the memories! John
Friday, November 23, 2012

Bud Patel said...
You wouldn't have a photo of the old glendale pharmacy in ewing would you?
Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anonymous said...
Born in 57', my pop worked at Addressograph on the Brunswick Circle, spent a lot of time growing up doing all types of family things on/around N.Olden Ave. Landmarks remembered, Murphy's Chuck wagon @ Olden & Prospect, who could forget Phillip's Ewing Bazaar?, mentioned earlier here Whitey's (Great $3.00 large pizza), Parfait House, which became Stoy's (spelling) Ice Cream Parlour, The Sherwood Inn, Mike's Steakhouse-near McDonalds on the same side of Olden Ave, Don Youngs-went to high school with his kids. Gr8 Blog/Thanks for the memories !
Monday, June 10, 2013

dean cliver said...
I grew up in ewing and do I remember a lot of places I used to love to go to.i went to ewing high class of 62 we used to hang at mikes steak house the best chesse steaks ever,pops tomatoe pies and they did not fit in the box,and then the broken drum on prospect street,oh the memories
Monday, November 17, 2014

Robert Zuczek said...
For those of you who have commented on the diner at the corner of Olden and Parkside Ave. I would like to set the record straight. it was the Extension Diner which was established by my parents, John and Edlina Zuczek in 1946. My family owned and operated the diner until 1990. We sold the business and the new owners changed the name to the Parkside Diner. There have been two more owners since then, with the current name of the diner being The Two Peters Diner.

A note from Tom to Bob Zuczek: Your dad was a prince of a man. Few men worked harder than he did. I was a daily visitor to the Extension back in 1952 when I started working for the Trenton Bearing Company at 1812 North Olden Avenue Extension. One of his waitresses that I remember after all these years was a gal I only knew as "Ann." She was a very nice and cordial lady.

Tom Glover

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