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Friday, June 26, 2015


St. Joachim Parish has a splendid historic heritage. Do you realize that those Italians who settled in the borough of Chambersburg back in the latter 1800's into the early part of the 20th gave of themselves completely as they labored in digging the foundation of today's St. Joachim Church. Most of them worked at back breaking labor all day and worked after dinner and into the evening as they did their part to have their own church with their own language.

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Lee Belardino said...

Hi Tommy
I went to Saint Joachim for half a year when we lived with my grandparents. I was asked to leave by Mother superior. I was considered too restless and too active. I got too many knuckle shots with the big rulers and pointers. Those Italian nuns made Vince Lombardi look like a sissy and he was the toughest coach ever. I could have used sister Rosa in my outfit in Danang. No discipline problems with her in charge. Transferred to Washington public school.What a difference.