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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We in the realm of historical interest intensely dislike the word "progress" when it is used in relation to irreplaceable historic buildings. Unfortunately. this wonderful relic of the 16th century is long gone. Here is a splendid R.C. Maxwell photo of the building as it looked when I was a lad of 13. I probably passed by it countless times on my way to Lakeside in Yardville, but had no idea of the incredible history that resided within its walls.


Anonymous said...

Tom - Thanks so much for this blog about the White Horse Tavern. An amazing piece of architecture and sadly missed by all those traveling this well used roadway. I recall it so well going to and from Lakeside where I was born and raised. It was close enough to us to be considered part of our neighborhood!
Lakeside Girl

Tom Glover said...

Sadly missed indeed, Eleanor. Today, Charles Fulkert's historic Bromley Inn is boarded up, and slowly deteriorating. Hopefully a way will be found to at least arrest the ravages of rain, snow and the elements with the aim of future restoration.