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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Were it not for the incredible tweaking features available in Adobe's "PhotoShop" I would never be able to make light areas darker and dark areas lighter, sharpen the focus, change from sepia to gray scale and countless other "tweaks" that result in an historic R.C. Maxwell photo showing the old Hotel Windsor, Woolworth's, and for the real old timers, I will see how many can identify that huge arched architectural gem on the immediate left in the photo, across the street from Trenton's beautiful First Presbyterian Church. Hint: "TSFS."

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Michael said...

Tom: That's easy; "TSFS" Trenton Savings fund society. As kids in the public schools, we were encouraged to start a savings account with our nickels, and dimes. Trouble was that during the 30's, and 40's THERE WERE NO EXTRA NICKLES OR DIMES. My late sister Lillian Zuccarelli would remark in later years when she became the Garbage Co. Queen of NJ; " we were never poor, just short of cash"
Glad to see you are back in the saddle.
Not crazy about your new verification system. Not clear at all.

Mike Kuzma