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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


When Hamilton Historical Society President Dr. James Federici took over as President of the society, he and I and Ms. Lois Majarowitz agreed that a new departure in programming which would appeal to the masses was the only secret to a successful organization. Gone were programs that sometimes included paid speakers and lecturers telling of subjects dealing with Princeton, south Jersey, open hearth cooking in colonial times, candle making, and other subjects with little interest to the majority of area residents. Dr. Federici and I, and Ms. Lois Majarowitz came up with the same conclusion:  The average citizen wants LOCAL history with which they can personally relate. Thus far our efforts have surpassed our wildest expectations. It will be our somewhat daunting task to continue presenting local programs with which the majority of our citizens can relate. Our new departure has resulted in 15 or 20 who added their names to the roster of members.

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