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Friday, March 06, 2015


At this particular time in my life, the above photo brings very warm memories of the many Thursday nights I spent in my 1941 DeSoto waiting at the corner of State and Broad behind the bus stop for my future wife Judy Britton to exit Yard's after working another day in the infants' wear department. Officer Chet Hughes was the traffic officer on duty on most of those Thursday nights and he got used to seeing me wait in the same spot every Thursday evening and always looked the other way as soon as Judy got in my car and we moved on. Thursday nights in downtown Trenton was the subject of a number of the columns I have written and will write in the future. Trenton was a beautiful town back then. Most of my contemporaries who are on the computer will recall how we all piled into our cars and cruised through town on a Thursday night, eyeing all those good looking young sales girls as they exited Swern's, Gimbels, Goldberg's, Wilson's, and of course, Yard's where my delightfully beautiful Judy worked for so many years.


Alice Schmidt Mullen said...

Each time you show this corner of S. Broad, it gives me a warm feeling when I remember that very nice couple who sold the newspapers and magazines there.
I would always stop in after work before I took my bus home.

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding photo! So many great memories!
Lakeside Girl

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Again, thanks so much, Tom, for these wonderful memories. I will never forget Trenton at Christmas and to experience it again through your photos is great. I love shots of the downtown and you have been on a real run. I love, it.

Anonymous said...

my grandmother worked at yards for many years,before that she worked at goldbergs