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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I was in my Sophomore year at Hamilton High, having spent my Freshman year at Kuser Annex on the second floor of  Kuser School. Class mate Joe Sweeney and I were assigned to the alto section of the choir because our voices still hadn't evolved into my today's baritone. But oh what sweet memories attend that year of 1949! You will note that I was a member of the chorus for this presentation and how I wanted a male lead. But who would consider a 95 pound 5 foot 2 blond haired little boy for one of the romantic leads? My Kuser singing partner Shirley Whitebread had the voice of an angel and played the part of "Debby." Thanks to the lovely Joanne Feeser, a fellow choir member from the class of 1949 for this very nice photo. The lovely gal in the middle of the photo standing with the gentleman whom I can't identify, is Bette Beiger who married classmate and the very handsome Eddie Farmer. I still see Bette at the library and she looks as lovely as ever. What a voice that gal had! I really miss those 3 years I spent in Hamilton's choir with Louise Baird in room 300 or as we called it, "The Tower."


Lee Belardino said...

I believe that Beiger was in my 4th period music class. I was a freshman and most of the girls in that class were very pretty and Beiger was beautiful. I was a shy and little uncomfortable 14 year old kid surrounded by all those girls but "aunt Louise"
recognized that and took me under care .To me She was the most beautiful of all.

Tom Glover said...

Yes, Bette was very attactive. Joanne Feeser was strikingly beautiful as was Jackie Strohauer from HHS 1949.