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Friday, March 27, 2015


Even though I am not a Trenton resident, like many of my contemporaries, I have very pleasant memories of that great old town of my youth and pray that one day it will do that Phoenix thing and rise once again from the ashes and resume its place as the historic treasure it is. All of which brings me to the article above. As an active member of the Hamilton Township Historical Society, I naturally tried to find the year it was established which appears to be just after World War II. Unlike Trenton, Hamilton forefathers were really derelict in saving and preserving historic "Hamiltonia."
Reading this interesting article on what appears to be the formal founding of the Historical Society of Trenton also suggests that it may be the genesis of Trenton's renowned "Trentoniana" collection. I could find no concrete information of a formal establishment of the society until I uncovered the above article. However, there are numerous articles from the 1840's indicating that there was some form of a society even back then. I have always had an abiding love for the city of my youth. Trenton had a very unfortunate setback in the 1960's when much of the town was plunged into social unrest with rioting, looting and what turned out to be irreversible destruction.


Anonymous said...

Look Tom,

It is time to rethink and reflect on your analysis that 68 did in Trenton. Decisions by power brokers diminished Trenton way before 68. All White I might add.
Destroying the Water Power Canal
and building the freeway in 1955.
Turning parts of Stacy Park into parking lots. Poorly executed urban renewal projects. And promoting the halves to leave Trenton for the suburbs. All this and more happened before 68. There were excessive corrupt and limited politicians and community leaders making very bad decisions.

Tom Glover said...

Thanks, anonymous for straightening me out. Your assessment makes sense and is quite logical. In my early years of wedded life, I lost much contact with the city and commuted daily to New Brunswick so I was out of the mix and you obviously were not. I only recall how upset I when I saw them shut down State Street and turn it into a mall experience with those ugly kiosks. Thanks for your comment.