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Saturday, February 28, 2015


I have been writing for the local press for 31 years. Basically, I retell the story of growing up in a relatively poor family and how we and MANY families during the era of the Great Depression and a few year after struggled to "make ends meet." Those 30 plus years are a testament not to my personal talents as a writer, but rather a testament to the fact that most people, young and old alike are interesting in things past. The April meeting of the Hamilton Historical Society will be devoted to NOSTALGIA. Above is an example of the nostalgic subjects I often write about. Naturally, the older (or should I say more mature) the reader, the more the content will be quite relevant.

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Lee Belardino said...

oh yeah the knickers.My 5 uncles used to make fun of me when I wore them. perry Como looked like he was sleeping he was so relaxed.What a voice.When Sinatra sang you heard every note.No screeching. Hop Harrigan No screeching.Hop Harrigann ,Jack Armstrong and Steve Canyon. True heros. thank GOD Blondie is still around with my pal Dagwood.That and peanuts with my boy snoopy is all The comics I read..Times have changed.