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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The black and white graphic at the top of this graphic is going to appear in this weekend Trenton Times on Friday, Saturday Sunday. It will announce the beginning of the 2015 season of the Hamilton Township Historical Society. Those who weren't around during the war will learn about blackouts, air raid shelters, rationing, Air raid warnings, Air raid Wardens and many other incidents that were all a part of World War II on the "Home Front." My fellow baritone Jack Pyrah from the HHS class of 1950  and I will sing a few of the songs that were popular during a period when music was a very important part of life.Those who were around will recall many of the frightening incidents surrounding the early war news. I hope to see many of my computer social media folks to this free program. As to the photo accompanying the Times ad, it was a scary photo to see in the newspaper as the Trenton Times sent a photographer to the Trenton - Morrisville bridge showing a guard being relieved and being replaced by another for 24 hour guard duty. This photo was taken only a few days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and was quite disturbing to Americans during the first weeks of the war.

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Anonymous said...

Living just a block away, I can remember seeing the Soldiers doing Guard duty on our bridge during these horrid times.

I am amused though by once again seeing the spires of my beloved Sacred Heart Church making it into the background of this and many photos you post.


Mike Kuzma