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Saturday, February 21, 2015


What a delightful photo! Since I acquired a new "touch screen" table top computer, I am in the process of transferring the many R.C.Maxwell high definition "Graflex" photos to the new, "TRENTON AND AREA VIEWS" folder. Henceforth, I will be posting these images as requested by the Duke University R.C. Maxwell library with the library call number on the photo along with the R.C. Maxwell accreditation on the photo. This great shot has detail that shows Reid's, Weinmann's and of course the late, great, Hotel Hildebrecht. (I also like that 1940 beautiful 10 year old Buick shown in the photo which was one of the best cars I ever owned!.)


Anonymous said...

Tom - Speaking of Willow Street, does anyone out there remember a fabulous women's/childre'ns shop called Helen Griffith? Selling one of a kind clothing, special occasion dresses, and designer children's clothes, this was a favorite of ours when I was a preteen and into my college years. Lovely things!
Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...

LG: Wasn't that on the west side of Willow just past the Willow Bar and Grille?, and before you got to John Curry's ticket office near Hanover St.
If correct, it had a painted white stucco finish front.
Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

MK, Yes, it was on the west side of Willow St, not sure if it was white stucco or not, A great little shop!
Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...

The more I search the recesses of whats left of my mind, I seem to remember it in fact was white stucco, with what appeared to be a vine painted over the door.
Very Classy.

Who out there also remembers Elsie Gallavan's on No. Montgomery St. just above Hanover. Her clientele was all of the socialites ladies in the area.
Think she relocated to River Rd in Ewing.


M Kuzma