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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Over the years I have found that many people consider the Chambersburg of the 20th century centered around Mott, Bayard, Emery, Butler and other streets in the immediate area. A quick look at the map extracted from the 1875 Evert and Stewart Atlas of the city of Trenton will show that Robert Chambers did indeed built a hotel and other buildings in the area of Houghton, Coleman, Cass, and South Broad Street.


SJBill said...

That site is where Leigh Frizzell's Men's Shop, Broadway Records, and Noah Blank's Driug Store was located, across the street from Weinberg's.

I did know that I lived in the former Mechanic's Land Association wile on S. Clinton Ave., which provided housing for J. A. Roebling workers.

Lee Belardino said...

Tommy I was born on Mott street in my maternal grandmothers house in 1933 and my paternal grandfather,s home and grocery store and my 5 uncles was right around the corner on Hudson street so as far as I was concerned THAT WAS THE BURG.I was a member of the "Mott street gang" of 7and 8 year olds .
everybody from the rest of the burg were strangers.