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Thursday, January 08, 2015


Perhaps it's memories of my youth which as I age comes into extremely sharp focus, or perhaps it's the proximity of the Hartley Avenue home in which I grew up 80 years ago. Whatever the the reason, I find a certain spiritual peace when I take one of my very frequent walks along Newkirk Avenue and into my own "Sherwood Forest," Kuser Farm. Time has taken a server toll on the woods as I remember them. Many of the trees have died and been cut down,and others are long gone. I remember how we kids were like monkey as we climbed those long gone trees which once bordered the Kuser property with the township's Newkirk Avenue. There are memories of catching tadpoles and dodging sewing bugs on the pond, and very special treasured memories surround this local Hamilton treasure give me both a spiritual oneness with God, and also much needed exercise for my aging body. The above article captures only a very few of the memories I have for this wonderful place. Before computers came into my life in the early 1980's, I wrote a  booklet with a titled I borrowed from Keats entitled, "KUSER FARM: A JOY FOREVER" It told of many of my memories of Kuser Farm along with a number of pictures I drew of the old Kuser GMC trailer, the "Alice in Wonderland" Beech tree that has since been cut down, the "Bear Tree" that was a scary sight that Don Slabicki and I thought was the bear that had escaped from the N.J. State Fair area. We were sure that bear was climbing up the tree. Memories are a gift God has given to his human creation. Some are sad, but for me, most of them are precious and spiritually refreshing.


Ron Bound Sr said...

Such great memories. Lived in Trenton until I joined the AF at 20, and knew so little about it.
Did Fritz take the picture of you and buddy, Don, with his little brownie, with the electrical tape holding it together? Saw the woodie on the beach in FLA, between 70-73, and went over to say hi and talk about Trenton. Was such an enjoyable chat about home. Old woodie, old camera, and I think plaid pants.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom,

Your comments are very touching re: Kuser Pond. That pond is still there and within your heart and soul. It is the same for me with the Freeway covered Trenton Water Power Canal especially near Hermitage Ave. What a blessing for me to have lived there. The paving over of the Canal in 1955
was the beginning of the destruction of Trenton which was
called the Venice of America in 1896 (NY Times).

My condolences to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Tom - Loved your article in the Trenton Times today. It brought back such great memories of the lake at Lakeside in the winter! The bitter cold which we didn't even mind, hearing the 'freezing cracks' in the ice, our skates making swishing noises as we try to skate to the top of the lake, meeting friends, the spotlights shining on the ice from homes that dotted the shoreline, the bonfires on the other side, popping into the store for hot chocolate and to warm up - all such wonderful times! Wish that we could transport ourselves back to those times and relive them over again!
Lakeside Girl