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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Here's another zoomed in Maxwell photo giving a closeup view of Woolworth's, Grant's and Kresge's. on E. State a. The original was dark but sunshine has been added!


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: One of my favorite Trenton scenes. I might have been on my way home to West Trenton from Trenton High. I like to think so. Regards

Tom Glover said...

Hi Sally. Happy New Year; nice to hear from you again.

Isn't it great how these photos spur our memory. Every Thursday night I would park my 1941 DeSoto behind where that bus is and wait for my wife Judy to come out of Yard's a 9 PM closing. I was there almost every Thursday night and Officer Chet Hughes used to look the other way when he saw that I was on a worthy mission and he let me part there for the few minutes it took for Judy to come out of Yar's..

Anonymous said...

I never waited at the State & Broad stop for my transfer to the "S Colonial". I used the one a block up the line at the bank. It was less crowded and there was a gal I flirted with there. Of course if you got a seat it would be relinquished to the first lady or older gent.

Ed Millerick