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Monday, January 12, 2015


Remember Frizzell's on South Broad Street? I sure do. Here's a zoomed in photo showing Robbin's Auto store, Berg's Department Store, and just up the road a bit, Leigh Frizzell's mien's shop. This was a familiar route for those of us who entered downtown Trenton from South Broad Street.


Anonymous said...

Certainly do recall the Habadasher.
Many young people have no idea what that word means. For a number of years, I maintained a real estate office in concert with George Pregg, Insurance broker and former City Councilman. We were located next door to my Jr.$ classmate Mickey Weinberg's family store, which was one of the best in the whole central Jersey area.
Thanks for sharing as you do.
It's great for this old man's spirit.
Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

.Great to have old timers like you who help me remember Trenton's GOLDEN YEARS in a very informed and special way, Mike. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

SJBill said...

One of my stops for Christmas gifts for my Dad was at Leigh Frizzel'a. He had the best collection men's furnishings including Swank cuff links, tie clasps and other items. Especially great was that I could afford these items with my hard-earned snow shoveling money. As a young kid, it was like being in another world - a Men's Store - rather than being in a pinball joint (Radice's or Anthony's) or a candy store (Kovach's Mercer Confectionary).

When my Dad passed away, I was the recipient of all those items. all of which are very special to me.

Tom Glover said...

Seems to me that Harry Truman was a Habadasher.

Tom Glover said...

Thanks to Tom Savko for correcting me on "Berg"s" as referred to above by Mike Kuzma (Mickie Weinberg.)

Tom Wrote:

Just a note to tell you it wasn't BERG's It was WINEBERG's Dept. Store. Lived at 976 --- I should know!!!