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Sunday, December 07, 2014


Prior to this year, I had been to each and every Kuser Park Winter Wonderland event until this year of 2014. Sadly, I was physically unable to attend the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Kuser Park on Friday evening. I spent a day in the emergency room at R.W. Johnson of Hamilton with an attack of kidney stones that hit me on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. NASTY! Just prior to that, I had an ear infection that I was planning to have taken care of with a call to Doctor Steve Levenberg, our family physician whom I trust unconditionally. After drinking two very large containers of the chemical that they use to give contrast to whatever little instrument Dr. Ricci used, it was determined that I had a kidney stone attack. Thankfully the stone passed and a trip later in the week to the Urologist confirmed that I had passed the stones. I am currently hoping the anti biotic I am taking for the ear infection will solve the problem. After taking the antibiotic the past 4 days with more to go, there has been a marked improvement. 
So, with the meds I am taking I am now back in the saddle again, with only a minor suggestion that the ear infection is still there but it seems to be getting better each day.


Anonymous said...

Tom - So glad that you're better! Take care of yourself -
Lakeside Girl

SJBill said...

Ouch! According to those that have had both, the pain from knife wounds and childbirth are preferred over kidney stones. Mine were the worst days of my life! The cause of my stones was drinking many cups of tea with milk, when I should have been drinking only water.
Rest up and take good care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "Quarry". I had my first stone while working in San Francisco in 1956. Have accumulated jars of them. So many cystoscopes at St.Francis, they gave me a medical degree. Seriously I made a study of this horrid pain and condition, and can honestly say, I can anticipate a stone just by my present lifestyle.
Too much pressure, being off schedule, not eating regularly etc. will cause the liver which produces bile that disolves the calcium build up to malfunction, allowing the stone to form.
When ever I felt one developing in the kidney area, I would guzell glasses of water and take my motorcylce out for a bumpy ride. Lo and behold it shook it down the right path, and the scream and release began. Gave up the motorcyle years ago, and now use my pickup truck on back unpaved roads of which there are many down here in Dixie!. Good luck and drink lots of water to keep it floating.
Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Mike; This has got to be the best "get well" message I have received from one of my prime Trenton go to guys. Thanks very much, Mike. Have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.


Ron Bound Sr said...

Tom, glad you are on the road to recovery. Have a better Christmas holiday, than your Thanksgiving was.

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: I've missed you and was wondering where you had gone. I'm sorry for your woes but am very glad you are on the comeback trail. Take care of yourself and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Regards.

Jersey Girl said...

Hi Tom,

There's no experience quite like kidney stones! I had no idea how painful they were. You sure know the exact location of your kidneys! I'm glad you're recovering, I love your column and look forward to it every day.
Stay healthy!!

Lee Belardino said...

When I had my hip replaced I shared the room with a guy who had stones. His pain was a lot more than mine and I rooted for him when they passed. Glad yours did and now get ready for the holidays.