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Monday, December 29, 2014


This70 year old photo is the city as I remember it during the many visits Mom Glover made to downtown Trenton with me during the war years, right up to 1955 when Pvt. Tom Glover took a Trailways bus from the Perry Street Terminal to Fort Devens, Massachusetts to begin a 9 month super secret Army Security Agency training course in Signal Intelligence. The exquisite detail reveals many very familiar merchants. The old WWII Trenton Transit bus stopped at the curb, the "War Loan" sign suspended over W. State Street, and the throngs of shoppers brings back pleasant memories of a Trenton that was a vital shopping center before the destructive riots of the 1960's and the establishment of the many malls that surround the area.


Jersey Girl said...

Hi Tom,

It's good to see you back. This is a great picture, I was only four years old then, but going "uptown" is one of the fondest memories of my childhood. I still love shopping, the malls are nice but nothing can compare to going out on Thursday nights, especially at Christmas time. I loved going from store to store on those cold winter nights. It was beautiful to me.

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: I'm glad you are back. I was seven years old at the time of that wonderful photo and I like to imagine that my mother and I were on the bus heading home along W. State Street. I loved to go with her into "town'' and I still miss those days. What a great time it was.

Anonymous said...

Tom - As long as everyone is telling their age, I was 2 at the time of this picture, but have really wonderful memories of downtown Trenton just a few years later. Thursday nights and Saturdays were our times there and I remember vividly shopping for Christmas in all the department stores - Lit Bros, Goldbergs, Yards, Gimbels and later Arnold Constables. And the 5 and 10 cent stores were a kid's delight. Our children will never know the thrill of Christmas in downtown Trenton, a shame.
Lakeside Girl