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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 This delightful R.C. Maxwell - Duke University Library photo of  what I perceive to be the intersection of Centreand Ferry Street.  I would really appreciate a post from Mike Kuzma or any other South Trenton experts to clarify the above information. When I was a driver for the old Trenton Bearing Company back in 1952, Huse Electric Motor Repair was one of my daily deliveries and I delivered to Cooper Street; but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out this intersection. The Google Earth view above does little to solve my problem in figuring out this intersection.


SJBill said...

Tom, the modern image looks as though this it is the correct building, but from a different angle on Centre St. If you go up Centre St. towards the freeway bridge and turn around you can see the correct building façade - the same building you show.

Note the Pennsy RR bridge just this side in the B&W image.

Huse Electric Supply may have been demolished to make way for the new freeway underpass/overpass.

Anonymous said...

Cooper Street dead ended at the Penna.RR main line, and began again for just a short block.
The only way cross the tracks in our old neighborhood was to walk under the main line via Union St., or go to Lamberton St. which began at the intersection of So. Warren and Factory Sts. and ended when you reached the railroad tracks. You than took a "walking bridge ( now known as a Pedestrian overpass") to Ferry St.
Former Director of the Boys Club the late Jim Carlucci family home was adjacent to the steps that brought you down from the elevated bridge to Ferry St.
As a kid I can recall a store in the building shown, if memory serves me, it was "Samachson furniture"
My best friend of 77 years Tony Ponticello ( Real Estate Baron of Las Vegas) lived in the short row of buildings just below Sacred Heart Church. There was a Candy store, Towne Tavern,Tony's house another, and than the Railroad overpass.
Hope this helps. Thanks for getting me to get my brain in gear to remember this.

Happy Thanks Giving

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Thank you guys! I knew I could depend on you to fix my aging compass! Happy Thanksgiving!