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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Here's a very interesting view of the 1900 block of Greenwood Avenue in Bromley. That cozy little building next to the R.C. Maxwell sign was the site of the Grimm Insurance agency that insured Judy and me from our marriage in 1954 and right up to the time when the Grimm girls took over. Webster ("Webb") Grimm is an old old family friend of the Glover family. I remember as a young boy back in the late 1930's when Webb and my brother, the late Len Glover were very active in a local boys'club known as the "Lynx Club." I also have a very clear memory of those two guys preparing an printed announcement of an upcoming event. They used a now antiquated method of printing known as a "Hectograph;" a flat tin, which contained a jelly like chemical. The printed bulletin they worked on was typewritten on a regular paper page, the paper page laid face down until the ink bled into the aforementioned jell, and the result was a printing process that allowed for a sufficient number of purple ink copies for distribution to the members and friends of the "Lynx Club." As to the Grimm Insurance Agency and the Glover involvement, I recall the number of times Judy and I were a bit short on a number of occasions. Webb always covered for us. I also recall with a smile, the day our dryer overheated and burned a dryer full of clothes. Webb instructed us to go to a Sears catalog, find equivalent articles, list the items and price them and send the information to him. We did, he re-reimbursed us for the amount. When we had all the items listed, we called Webb to tell him we had the burned clothing in a bag for him to justify the insurance expense, Webb told us to throw the material away and payment was on the way. We never forgot that incident and never will.

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