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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I really do like these photos that show not only some exquisite views of the Trenton of old, but those great old autos and trucks! That Sanitary Laundry truck would have been called a "panel truck" back in that era. A bit of Photoshop tweaking on these old photos allows for brightening, sharpening and enhancing many of these original Maxwell photos. For copyright purposes, the catalog number and credit has been posted ON the photograph.


SJBill said...

Nice seeing these images again, Mr. Tom. The owner of the panel truck, Adam F. Mazur, lived until May 12, 1977, thanks to the Trenton Historical Society Obit Index for 1977.

Not sure if my family knew him, but the name sure sounds familiar.

I can barely remember that row of buildings.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you haven't left us.
There was real concern down here in Virginia. I tried contacting you but kept getting rebuffed.
The large building on the right was torn down and a gas station replaced it. Like many homes along this block they were large with wrap around porches, and fancy architectural appointments.
In the 50's many of these homes were converted into dormitories/frat houses for Rider College. As a City Housing Inspector I was assigned to inspect these premises. They had become "Animal Houses" with holes in the walls, beer soaked floors, block fire escapes etc. I closed down many of them for safety reasons. My Uncle Jimmy was a part time bar tender at Murphy's and another Uncle who worked on the RR was a regular customer!!!
Best wishes, and happy for your return.
Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...


Would ask that you contact me via Google's contact process is faulty. Great to hear from you....missed you and my regular visitors over the past weeks.


Anonymous said...

Tom - Welcome back - you were missed!

Lakeside Girl