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Monday, October 20, 2014


Over the many years, I have written many columns relating to the excellent education I received courtesy of the Hamilton Township public school system. They were the years that shaped my future and gave me the confidence that I was proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and singing. Whenever I can, I share these gifts with my friends and neighbors; most of whom can tender the same tribute to their education.  One of the greatest influences on my dear wife Judy and me, is the lady we had during our years at Hamilton High School. Louise Baird (we called her "Ouise" prounounced "Wheez,) was not only an incredibly talented vocal music teacher. Through her incredible collection of scrapbooks which she left to Judy and me, she taught us many of the secrets of philosophy and the keys to a happy life.
I put the graphic above together which focuses around page one of the three pages of secrets of a successful marriage and life that she wrote in Judy's yearbook. I treasure those years, and as I look at the two photos of Judy and me as we move into our 82nd year, I have come to the realization that life is so very short. Yes, even 81 years later! As our Hamilton Vice Principal Jim (Jim Crow) Coursen would say to us on many occasions, "Live as though this were the last day of your life.")


Lee Belardino said...

Thanks for the beautiful graphics.I am entering into my 82 year,and this graphic displays 3 wonderful people who I consider a
significant part of my life.I,m so lucky to be part of the year 1951 and the HHS choir. You also mentioned Mr Jim Coursen.I spent many a day getting "hours" from that guy and we became pretty good buddies.He had my respect.
Your pal

Tom Glover said...

A labor of love, Lee. Those years were the best years of my young life. Hope all is well with you and your Mrs.


Ron Bound said...

Some kids don't realize how good HS years are. Cherish them to the fullest.