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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

1935: St. Mathias P.E. Church Rectory

1935: St. Mathias P.E. Church Rectory

The photo above is self explanatory. St. Matthias is still located on Park Avenue in Hamilton. I understand that St. Matthias is going to merge with St.James P.E. Church.


Anonymous said...

I attend there.

JoeB said...

Anonymous said I go their. It would be interesting, is that the church that had a fire a few years ago. I believe I know where St.Matthias is located but I do not know where St James is. This information is what Tom is looking for to pass on to the readers. I don't know what age you, but the Old Timers have a lot of history to pass on. My opinion.

SJBill said...

Thanks for reminding me of this church. It was located at the very end of Genessee Street where it meets the grounds of the garden apartment complex (was it called Broad St. Gardens back in the day?).

By today's standards, the rectory is a very small and quaint building. Its design closely paralleled that of the larger sanctuary.

Our veterinarian was located across the street - IIRC it was Park Veterinarian Hospital.