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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This is a repeat post which I added some years ago. I sure do remember this legendary Ewing 1950's garden center. I spent many years on North Olden Avenue Extension at the old Trenton Bearing Company and made numerous deliveries of V belts and ball bearings to Bill's place. The photo brings back fond memories for me, and I would bet also to many "Ewingites!"


SJBill said...

Great dealership that sold almost exclusively Jacobsen mowers and tractors. My father bought some huge snow blower from that place that we usd in Lawrence Twp to clean our huge driveway.

They had a great parts department in the back where you could get engines for go-karts.

Tom, I even remember Herb Blackwell of the Trentonian hunting and fishing section. ;-)

Tom Glover said...

Me too, Joe. Herb was our mailman. His son George was in my class at Kuser School and Hamilton High.

Anonymous said...

Hi tom:

My sister Lilian Zuccarelli lived just around the corner on Glen Mawr Dr. During my frequent visits, she would send me over to get sundry items she neded, and they carried. My last vist north, I notice a thrift store( ? ) in it's place.
Now I can age looking for someone to help me (with a modicum of knowledge) at Lowes, or Home Depot. Oh how I yern for the days when merchants carried what you needed and could reach without looking to get it for you.

Regards from the Sunny South

Mike Kuzma

Mary Ellen said...

I remember buying Christmas decorations there.

Anonymous said...

I went to school in Yardley (Pennsbury) with the son, Bill Blackwell Jr. Then when we moved to Glen Mawr Dr. I'd get parts for our riding mower there.