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Saturday, September 20, 2014


I could conceivably be on that bus! This was the bus that the Glover's and their Kuser Farm area neighbors took to take a trip "up town," or as some of us said, "down town." The end of the line was at Cedar Lane and Olden in front of "Bee Bee's Tavern;" now the Speakeasy. At the time, there was an open porch where we could wait and get out of the rain or snow. The porch has since been enclosed. As to old L-9 Liberty Street, she started at the Perry Street Terminal, down to State and Broad, South Broad to Liberty Street, Liberty Street to Sylvan, Sylvan to Cedar Lane and the end of the line.


SJBill said...

Love this pic, taken before the ultra-modern Capitol Motors dealership was built.
Getting onto a Trenton Bus was always an adventure, and knowing an actual bus driver (or cabbie) was a provelege.

US Steel and Wire and the little shack used by the crossing guard would be off the image to the right. You can see the old Apex Lumber building in the rear.

After the kids in our neighborhood started Harrison School, we began to gang-up. "The Tracks," and the old canal bed going towards Trenton or towards Bordentown was location to many of our adventures.

We were so lucky that our parents didn't really care what we were doing until someone that knew my folks saw it. Then, we were in real trouble. ;-)

Nancy Briggs said...

Think you drew a sketch of some bus maybe not the one shown?